Mayur Palki

  In earlier times, India used the "Palki" or palanquin as a means of transportation. It was made up of a tiny chamber with seating for one or two people. Outside the chamber, on either side, were one or two thick rods. The palanquin bearers picked up the palanquin by these rods.

The palanquins were decked out in accordance with the event. Rich individuals used to ride in elaborate palanquins. The bride was carried in an elegantly decorated palanquin for nuptials. Palki has come to represent the marriage ceremony over time.

This piece of art was motivated by a nutcracker in a palanquin form. This is a tribute to the elaborate adornment that the Palkis once wore.

Another colorway.

Initially, this was sketched and inked on paper and scanned into the computer. Then I cleaned up the sketch with Fresco on ipad and colored in Photoshop.

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