Devdaru pata alpona

This was done as an assignment for Sudhiranjan Sir's alpona class. The alpona is inspired by the leaf of the Devdaru or deodar tree. The leaf of Devdaru found in Bengal is a slender triangle with a wavy edge. 

Nature forever has been the inspiration behind various alpona motifs of Bengal. This assignment was to visualize alpona from nature instead of copying from already created alpona. Done with a mix of fevicol & khorimati on cardboard. Khorimati or chalky soil is used to make alpona in Bengali households. Though now it is being replaced by Fabric colours for convenience. In earlier days the alpona was drawn with rice paste on floor. The best part was birds, squirrels used come and nibble on those. While creating art it was also a form of giving back to fellow earthlings.

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